Phase I: gutting

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So a few hrs of tacking this shyt we made great progress! We removed the dash ,heater core all hvac and a/c components, plastic panels , p/s (just have to loop lines) , rear window washer resivor and lines, rear window wiper blades and motor, front wiper blade and motor, carpet , head liner , and fuel pump assembly for cleaning and fitting











Quest for 9s begins

Posted: April 8, 2012 by kemist88 in Black hawk
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For those who dont know ive got my shell. 1991 eagle talon awd. Slowly working towards getting this car finished by summer/fall. So far im almost done with the fuel system and the gutting the car. I hope the car will weigh 2700lbs with me n a full tank of e85




Project 1g * licence plate* [UwIsHuCudBeAt]

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So sticking to what i know (dsm’s n evos) i know i cant go wrong so i cooked up a budget of NEW parts and cost . the final cost is what im running away from so buy buying the non essentials used and trying to grab deals i will keep updating the list on how the price goes.

dsm build


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Just really curious to see what peoples(members/readers/fans) biases are when planning and putting a car together are

What car would you get if you had this cash?

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This is as list of Fairly priced care not too expensive but not cheap. I’m curious to see what your taste are.There are 2 rules 1 vote per person, and the cars must stay stock. lol so pick wisely.

AWFILMS | Team Burst

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2011 Conemasters X Mean Machines Gymkhana Challenge

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oh and E-TOWN ftw …bringin celebs lol

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Time for ideas on redesign logo

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The biggest challenge will be revamping the face or changing it. The logo should represent us as a group and our name.

Irrationality is cognition, thinking, talking or acting without inclusion of rationality. It is more specifically described as an action or opinion given through inadequate reasoning, emotional distress, or cognitive deficiency. The term is used, usually pejoratively, to describe thinking and actions that are, or appear to be, less useful or more illogical than other more rational alternatives. [1][2]
Irrational behaviors of individuals include taking offense or becoming angry about a situation that has not yet occurred, expressing emotions exaggeratedly (such as crying hysterically), maintaining unrealistic expectations, engaging in irresponsible conduct such as problem intoxication, disorganization, or extravagance, and falling victim to confidence tricks. People with a mental illness like schizophrenia may exhibit irrational paranoia.
These more contemporary “normative” conceptions of what constitutes a manifestation of irrationality are difficult to demonstrate empirically because it is not clear by whose standards we are to judge the behavior rational or irrational.

So how do we express the word irrational with the logo with out the words. With our current logo if you look at it on your back glass all I can think of is a yellow guy who got punched in the face or is dead. Its not really irrational. A irrational expression looks more ignorant like a angry eyes with a smile. Whats your input guys.