We official for 2011!

Posted: March 14, 2011 by Ghost in Announcements
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Wat up all Irrational members…….here’s a spot online where we could post up all of our thoughts, pics,vids, and questions dealing with Irrational business or cars in general!  Every week I plan to ad something new here so make sure you check the blog as much as possible……the world could see this blog so the Irrational name is out there!  We could also post info on weekend chill spots (church, park, etc.) or just general ideas each irrational member may have.  You guys that got invites could post here as freely as you want.  I’m just gonna moderate the website and make sure everything is functional…..remember this is a public site so don’t post anything you would rather keep private….haha……2011 here we come!!!

  1. Ghost says:

    2011 gonna be a good year man….by the way this is Bobby…just though ghost be a good name for the irrational avatar….lol

  2. Kadeem Brown says:

    Can’t wait for the summer and this is a great start for a website b20 here we come lol

  3. Jermaine says:

    ok we are live…….i guess i can start off the postings with a little progress of the car within the last week

  4. lmaooo took me a minute to finaly figure out how to werk this! we live boi! tax returns will help me big time.

  5. mikel58 says:

    took me a long time how to figure out this thing too even tho i am a web designer lol. I am going to have to make that long drive to new york.
    Hey bobby i will post some pics of the new cover.

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