Out With The Old And In With The BOOST

Posted: March 19, 2011 by kemist88 in Black hawk
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So I changed my turbo about a week ago. Not knowing much about the turbo i bought (the pte 6165s ) i just when off simple fact i could find on pte’s web site and simple knowledge of turbos. A .70 a/r compressor housing and  .82 t3 a/r turbine housing. 61mm compressor wheel as said by precision is rated for 680 hp or ~68lbs/min . It uses the same compressor map as the gt35r by garret so I could “guesstimate” were it would spool up. But back to the set up. A tial 38mm wg w/ ~20psi spring, cast iron t3 mini, .5inch spacer( so the turbo wouldnt hit the block on short runners), and  2 gaskets one of which is oem 4layer copper. I cant wait to see how much hp i can make off this turbo on pump gas then maybe e85. Its crazy how this turbo DWARFS the evo316g!


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