Taking the Time to Post

Posted: April 13, 2011 by kemist88 in Announcements
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Just want to address some things before it becomes persistent and consistent.
-NOTHING posted should stay in UNCATEGORIZED
-VIEW post before publishing it.
-Please please please add tags…. thats how we get hits on the site. when some one Googles “car” and we have a tag called “car” we will be listed . How high up really depends on the blogs traffic flow.
-Spell check. im not the greatest speller but if something has a red-line below it i double check it and read what i wrote over.
-Addressing point #1 again, look for what ever matches you post in categories. if its something about YOUR car as an Irrational member and is not listed “add new category” mother group should be “irrational members”

be safe out there on the roads.


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