Posted: May 2, 2011 by drewthompson07 in Tech

idk about you guys, but i feel alot people put down Godspeed give them labels like an “eBay (or eGay) company”. Just because thier products are very economically priced i guess that sends a message to consumers that thier products are of low quality. I’m not sayin Godspeed is the ish or anything but that people should take them a little more seriously when it comes to car parts. I know my pops has purchased numerous suspension parts such as coilovers, and control arms that we are still waitin to test out but here is a little proof that thier products arent complete garbage

Godspeed Project 18G, Car we used is Riley S13 Red Top SR20det , Dyno Done @ Reggie From OSR , Sea Level 4000+

some turbo specs:
Bearing system: Journal Bearing
Compressor Wheel Diameter: 50.3 / 68mm
TURBINE Wheel Diameter: 49.2 / 56mm
Turbine TRIM: 57
Turbine flange type flange: T25
Downpipe flange type : 240sx 5 bolt type
Nozzle Area: 8cm²
Cooling type : oil and water cooled.
Horsepower rating: 300-380 hp
Actuator set at : 14.5 PSI
CFM: 600

dyno 1

dyno 2 

dyno 3

results:few quick facts
Install was a direct bolt on for SR20det
The car made just a hair more then advertised( not a bad thing right! 306rwhp so approx 340 the the flywheel

owner will soon be turning up the boost to 20psi in the coming weeks with a ROM tune and post new dyno sheets.

quote from owner:
“overall a great product and im thankful to test and help godspeed make a better product.”

btw this dude is also running alot of other godspeed products such as radiator, intercooler, torque damper, etc

  1. kemist88 says:

    nice !. very few people realized that big companies like garret and pte, bog warner are not “performance based” only performance driven. garret a subsidiarity of honeywell , borg warner aka schewtner , kkk which is currently a child of b.g, and was mhi ,the t67 aka 25g a mitsubishi(mhi) child, the list goes on and on and on. people need to just let a turbi stand the test of time and judge is off that ,smh at ppl who scream ebay ebay ebayon every thing budget. function over form baby! lol

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