Posted: May 5, 2011 by drewthompson07 in MEETS

Yo I feel Irrational should make it a point to come out here to NJ on tuesday for Cruise night. Its FREE entry and you get a FREE pass. Nice way to get some grudge runs and push your car all out with out being hassled by the cops

ALSO the day after is TEST and TUNE night, for for about 30 bucks you get THREE passes down the track. The scene is live that these events too. You’ll see cars and people from every walk of life out here, great way to make contacts and meet new people too! Racewaypark is only ten minutes from my house too so if u guys want to meet here then go together or chill at my place afterwards thats cool too, just lmk. 

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  1. kemist88 says:

    ill request tuesday either off or to leave erly. im down to go with ma boi with the blu talon he’s dieing for a pass. and yea i can think of like 3 grudges lol shawn vs bobby, corey vs jermaine n me vs my boi (but im broken) . haha. thnx alot for this and seriously if ppl cant make it out to something fucking freeeeeeee idk man. seriously lack of enthusiasm and support for the group on behalf on any1 who wears the face and or upholds the crew as there owne ..

  2. kemist88 says:

    and guys ur cars dont have to have slick or radials or shyt to just enjoi going from a dead stop down a track to mayb 100+ mph with out looking over ur shoulders 4 police blocking off traffic or anticipating scared drivers that swerve in2 ur lane as drew sed. if u run a 20sec 1/4 mile who cares! nxt time u come u may run a 11sec. its just to know what ur car can do have fun and have and idea on what u are trying to accomplish with ya whip!

  3. Jermaine says:

    smh im tight….leaving for jamaica this tuesday….i would def go out…would mind knowing what my heavy ass car is capable of on a track…hopefully i can make it to the next one. have fun though!

  4. datguyc says:

    Im wit it dude (Corey)

  5. deemy009 says:

    i’ll try and leave pa monday night and come down put if i can make it i’m down

  6. kemist88 says:

    drew dnt 4get to post the rest of the info

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