Bakers Meet May 15th!!!!!

Posted: May 7, 2011 by Ghost in Announcements, Ghost, MEETS
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TIME: 10:30 AM – 5pm

Location: Flushing Meadow Park/promenade Lake
Note: This is a Family Zone So no Burn outs or Reckless driving this isn’t a Track To test Your Launch control

Come out and support Irrational…..this meet is poppin every year…it’s like a Honda Day….Superstreet magazine was out there last year….I’ll be there!!!!


If you are coming from BK/NJ thru belt parkway, take VAN WYCK/Whitestone Expressway NORTH Exit from the Belt and get off at Exit 12A for LIE Eastern LI, and make the FIRST LEFT TURN(MEADOW LAKE) u get which will have u make a U turn and the park is on ur right hand side.

If you are coming from the BX, or even NJ thru I95 to whitestone/vanwyck SOUTH then u get off at EXIT 11 which is 69 RD Jewel Avenue/FLUSHING MEADOW PARK, take the first right to get into park and another right to get to the parking lot.

NO MATTER WHAT HIGHWAY U TAKE TO GET INTO QUEENS YOU MUST GET ONTO VANWYCK/WHITESTONE and get off at EXIT 12A (if ur on vanwyck/whitestone NORTH) or get off at EXIT 11(if ur on vanwyck/whitestone SOUTH).

Some of our Friends that are coming out to show support

Import Tuner Magazine

Eat Sleep Race

  1. kemist88 says:

    dam dats right around the corner ill c what i can do!!!

  2. drew180sx says:

    see what you can do???!!! dang dont tell me you got work during this time…smh

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