TIME: 10:30 AM – 5pm

Location: Flushing Meadow Park/promenade Lake
Note: This is a Family Zone So no Burn outs or Reckless driving this isn’t a Track To test Your Luanch control

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if you are coming from BK/NJ thru belt parkway, take VAN WYCK/Whitestone Expressway NORTH Exit from the Belt and get off at Exit 12A for LIE Eastern LI, and make the FIRST LEFT TURN(MEADOW LAKE) u get which will have u make a U turn and the park is on ur right hand side.

If you are coming from the BX, or even NJ thru I95 to whitestone/vanwyck SOUTH then u get off at EXIT 11 which is 69 RD Jewel Avenue/FLUSHING MEADOW PARK, take the first right to get into park and another right to get to the parking lot.

NO MATTER WHAT HIGHWAY U TAKE TO GET INTO QUEENS YOU MUST GET ONTO VANWYCK/WHITESTONE and get off at EXIT 12A (if ur on vanwyck/whitestone NORTH) or get off at EXIT 11(if ur on vanwyck/whitestone SOUTH).

also this might help people check out the location this member has mention to get to fmp

[NOTE] those using NAVIGATION SYSTEMS (GPS) type in “Meadow Lake Promenade, Queens, NY”
Some of our Friends that are coming out to show support

Import Tuner Magazine

Eat Sleep Race


  1. Ghost says:

    DAMN!!!! I’ll be in michigan that weekend! SMH

  2. drew180sx says:

    ohh shoot, is that when Avery’s wedding is?

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