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Posted: May 19, 2011 by drewthompson07 in Pics
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We’ll start with some honda love This customer originally came to MAPerformance for engine assembly. They spec’d out, and assembled a beautiful longblock for him, and he decided he wanted a turbo kit to match!
– V-band schedule 10 ramhorn manifold
– PTE 46mm external gate
– 3″ pie-cut stainless downpipe
– Stainless dump tube

This next manifold was built for an Evo that they had originally set their stock evo ecu horsepower record with. The setup on this car, mated up to one of thier 2.4L’s yielded us 814hp, and 622hp at 41psi
– Custom top-mount schedule 10 T3 manifold
– Twin Tial MVS wastegates (a second one was added after the pictures were taken)
– Stainless 3″ downpipe
– PTE 6765 turbo

K swaps are one of our favorites and boosting them is just the icing on the cake. They had a customer looking for an easily accessible turbo location to mount his Precision 6262. They spent a lot of time routing this perfectly so there is no clearance issues at all and this runner design is sure to provide huge power gains up top….

Lastly, I’ll give you guys a peek at thier new Evo X OEM replacement manifold. Chopped, welded, and ported all in house

  1. kemist88 says:

    omg holly baby osama bin ladin! map got some sick custum fabs man .. gud find!

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