How to make more hp for dummies

Posted: June 11, 2011 by kemist88 in Tech
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I’ve never met one person who didnt want more power from the car… well im lying ive herd it from people that are either in denial or wont admit there too broke to modify an engine. Now an engine worked off this basic theory “SUCK-SQUISH-BANG-BLOW” . No! im not talking about the methods your local hooker uses . The engine must first Suck air into the cylinders, compress it as the piston moves up “Squish”, it must ignite the air “Bang” and “blow” force the air out. It all comes down to how effiecent you can make the engine breath, deliver fuel and ignite it! simple.
Now here is an extremly general way of modifying a car.
1. find the bigest spoiler you can find and glue it to you car. using glue instead of screws or rivets will save you weight.
2. find the biggest front bumper body kid you can find . its been proven the for every 2 inches wider than stock the gap in front of the radiator is the hp increases by 5! why? more air flow!
3. ok im realy just bull shiting so here we go

1.Suck: a bigger displacement (bore or stroke) ,a better flowing intake. cars that run of MAP (or speed density) show “true” gain when upgrading there intake. why?
The shape or an intake can skew how the maf sensor reads load (how much air is actually coming in ) by changing the airs velocity. so this may put you at a different part of the map where your running leaner/richer more advanced or retarded timing. and so on.
2.Squish: how your car compresses the mixture of air and fuel is also very important and is calculated in Cr aka compression ratio. the higher you raise it the more hp you theoretically will make.
3. Bang: how you car ignites the mixture after its compressed. No fire no HP. plugs wires a proper ground ALL play a key role.
4. Blow: an exhaust that is less restrictive and few short bends will help keep the motor ex-hailing well

Again this is an extremely general way of doing things but once you grasp the theory making it practical is another thing.

  1. Ghost says:

    great writeup Geo………

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