And the Japs do it again!

Posted: September 6, 2011 by kemist88 in Tech
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13:1 Compression and 40 mpg on 87 Octane fuel? Introducing Mazda’s Skyactiv Technology
“Does the idea of a super efficient, reasonably performing, fun to drive car with low operating costs sound appealing to you? If the car is green as well does that seal the deal? Are you one of the few people with a clue that realizes that a hybrid isn’t all that green? Well Mazda has an answer to all of this called Skyactiv technology in all of its clever jinglish. Skyactiv Technology is a fresh holistic look at how cars are engineered.Skyactiv technology is primarily engine related, but it also incorporates the concepts of weight reduction, improved chassis stiffness and crash resistance, improved transmission function, and improved handling. We will talk about Skyactiv’s compelling gasoline engine technology, known as Skyactiv G today, and will discuss the remaining aspects of Skyactiv technology in future articles.Mazda’s goals for the Skyactiv G gasoline engine were many faceted. By thinking totally out of the box, Mazda’s engineers have been able to create an engine that can run on cheap unleaded regular gasoline yet still acheive the fuel economy of a diesel and retain Mazda’s class leading fun to drive performance. Mazda has created the intelligent alternative to a hybrid with a much lower lifecycle cost, while being more fun to drive and not asking the customer to sacrifice performance during that lifecycle.”-Mike Kojima

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  1. Ghost says:

    Very nicely qouted as usual Kemist…….kudos to Mike Kojima

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