Posted: September 26, 2011 by kemist88 in Tech
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Man am i loving all these head flow myths! I’ve heard the “yo a b16 head flows way more the a gsr head” TOOOOO many Fucking times so i decided to do a little digging! and stumbled upon these!!! now please don’t read the graph as a dyno it’s not in rpm. so bigger # on the right doesnt mead more hp up top. Thats just how much your valve is opened.
stock gsr vs b16a

now you can see the b16 flow is almost negligible and same in most places …
now what is the real reason behind the swap of a b16a head on a b18 block… cost… easier to find cheaper parts ect.
now here’s ported head of both done by competition

And for kicks and giggle the s2k/ f20c1 motor and the k20a1 vs teh b-series

  1. mikel58 says:

    yup b16 heads are good but not as good. the major difference is the combustion chambers. b16 have round chambers and the b18c1 head has rounded square chambers. So since the chamber is round they say better flow but B16 combustion chambers get alot of carbon deposit build up in there. But the b18c1(gsr) not so much.

    Bottom line is Gsr heads are more reliable.

    Thats what my friend who builds monster honda engines for a living told me.

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