Still a Joke ?

Posted: October 2, 2011 by kemist88 in Announcements

This addresses ANY members that think i gave up on Irrational.
Its getting old and annoying the lack of “in group ” support we receive on the site and off it. For anyone who say my car never had the badge, after a run i shared teh site so they could see the progress, i dont go to meets? I’m hustling to make money to pull and inspire the team! “oh he’s out the game now” nah im saving up to make a 9 second car. BUILT BY IRRATIONAL, TUNED BY IRRATIONAL, AND DRIVEN LIKE A FUCKING BAT FROM HELL BY IRRRATIONAL. I do this shyt for us. Im always down to help, give a hand, find deals, anything for a member. Simple. I wouldnt blog if i didnt take the team as seriously as do some of you.
Shout out to bobby (ghost) for starting a family and staying in the game knowing how hard it is to balance the two. And to drew for doing his thing in skool so that he can fund that 240, and same to kadeem. Mikel n shawn for doing the in home garage and shyt up in MI and Jermaine for going to school to get that official car education to help us in the future.
You have to pay to play if you cant this is the wrong hobby for you.

  1. Ghost says:

    I couldn’t have said it better….IRRATIONAL 4 life……

  2. kemist88 says:

    i should get it tatted lol

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