Honda Releases New 2012 Rear Wheel Drive Integra!

Posted: November 1, 2011 by kemist88 in Announcements
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“Honda has stunned the world with the sudden unexpected release of a new 2012 Integra for Europe, marking a return of the much beloved Integra name to the vehicle market. The compact Integra features Honda’s revolutionary six speed dual clutch semi automatic transmission that features ultra fast shifting by pre-selecting the next higher gear before disengaging the current drive gear. Amazingly the new Integra is now RWD!

The Integra also features 17” alloy wheels, disc brakes, a lightweight alloy space frame and an efficient, high compression engine featuring PGM-FI injection. No word to whether or not a Type -R version would be released soon.” For the official honda press release check out motoiq for more info !

  1. drew180sx says:

    almost got caught up in this…then decided to READ the article…i know the engineers at Honda arent that smart! lol, next thing u know the new “intergra” would come turbo charged as well hahaha

  2. mikel58 says:

    smart enough to be faster than the silvia around track. honda for the winn lol

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