Subaru BRZ! Win or Epic Fail?

Posted: December 1, 2011 by kemist88 in Tech
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Ok so subaru has released the Brz platform car to be in production and at your delearship next year (2012) . Im crazy excited and to see i fresh face added to the fleet is also a plus.

Its 200hp/151ft lbs are generated by a new boxer (flat) four cylinder engine, co-designed by toyota and subaru ( *sigh) . This motor is also shared with one of Toyotas new car the GT-86. The car will come with a 6sp manual for all you gear bangers and a 6speed auto with sport and manual mode for all you ungodly blasphemers.
YES the car is rwd, seats 2, and 2. Announced to weigh 2690lbs, thats lighter than a for focus , which is extreeeemly light ! So we will see.

My bigest problem now with this car is the motor , It lacks vvt-i, vvt/vva. Im praying it was just an engine spec left out. Because its 2011, there is no reason for a car NOT to have a variable cam mechanism in its head. I’m hoping the co build of the motor didnt infringe on any of the two companies patent.

The Brz will come in an sti trim and will maintain is RWD lay out. *WIN*

BRZ STI (no top mount? YAY)


  1. Jermaine says:

    hmmmmm… cant quite decide…

  2. drew180sx says:

    can you say Drift monster!?…honestly I like what i see here alot…ill do more research but you didnt mention if the motor was turbo charged…im willing to bet it will be though…seems like a good competitor to the hyaundai genesis coupe….jus kinda wish there would be more hp. 200hp?? really, im willin to bet thats 2.0L engine too..smh, anyways good find either way bro!

  3. drew180sx says:

    just found out its naturally aspirated motor…which allows me to forgive the low hp output, but cmon man! cant wait for aftermarket companies to get thier hands on this

    PS…perhaps the “STI” version will come turbocharged…cant imagine an all motor STI packing 200hp…FAIL

  4. kemist88 says:

    drew the sti version will come with a snail and will come with 300whp!!!!!! wot wot! . im praying the motor can hold the beating lol

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