Excuse the marketing geek inside me

Posted: December 14, 2011 by drewthompson07 in uncategorized

Hey guys one more suggestion…our site. It does the job ill give it that but if we built our site on drupals platform it can be 100x better just check the show case here


and here


its also free just like wordpress as long as we indlude the .drupalgardens in our domain name, which i also feel we should gather some money and drop so that our site can just be Teamirrational.com or wahtever anyways look around on that site and you’ll quickly get an idea of how sick we can really make this

  1. kemist88 says:

    i honestly have no clue wat i looked @ lol. i mean a site name will help. im a retard in that fascet. but how will we carry over wat we have to another “platform”

  2. drew180sx says:

    pretty much we would just create another website the same way we made this one…and then just copy over all our profile bios and such and start fresh…thats what i was thinking, just an idea…i feel using a drupal site has more to offer in terms of ease of customizability and attractive designs,

    for instance look at thier theme builder feature


  3. Ghost says:

    another good idea…good stuff Drew…this will be discussed…

  4. mikel58 says:

    Once again the web designer/developer and graphic designer. is out of the loop on the plans lol.
    drupla is a great content management system (cms). I am not too familiar with it but i have seen my classmates and others use it to make very easy to maintain sites. I am in for drupla!

  5. mikel58 says:

    silver strip is also great

  6. drew180sx says:

    again if you could set something like this up, that would be perfect. You an Jermaine have been elected as head of technology in the group so you can collaborate with him and work something out. Whatever the case i just feel some upgrades should be made going into the new year, whether we do them ourselves or outsource the project.

    obviously for money purposes internally would prolly be best but i under the impression we all have other obligations (work, school) and may not have the time to devote to such tasks. Additionally were all paying dues now so i figured this would be a good way to put that money to good use.

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