Posted: December 14, 2011 by drewthompson07 in uncategorized

Hey guys, so at my job my boss sent me this link so i can set up a project to get a logo made for some new software my company is developing. The site has a really neat concept…basically you set up a “contest” with prize money and the best submisison wins the prize and you whatever prize money you set plus 7.5% and a $19 listing fee and keeps your contest active for 7 days

Basically I feel like going into the new year, as a group were looking to step it up a notch and really make things happen this year. I really like the concept of our logo but i think it can be revised/redone and “polished” up a bit to look a lot better. The newly modified logo will represent new direction the team is headed in. One that signifies authenticity and officialness.

anyways take a look at the link and the other projects people completed. Since were all gonna start payin dues I feel we can invest the money in something like this…maybe set up like a 2-300 dollar prize..just an idea but take a look and we can discuss details further at the meeting this Saturday


  1. kemist88 says:

    very dope site i like da concept… n outside design is refreshing n not limited to the boundaries we developed lol so this mite work shyt. nice find

  2. drew180sx says:

    yea i thought soo too.. we also get free business cards too just for using this service..another thing with this site too is we can use it for other stationary marketing materials like flyers n such

  3. Ghost says:

    This is some good stuff…we will definitely discuss this at the meeting

  4. mikel58 says:

    very true andrew. but wait you have a graphic designer one the team. I wonder who?

  5. mikel58 says:

    I can revamp the logo. just draw ur visions and let me revise and BAM! But seriously the logo does need a face lift to help our identity. I am more than willing to offer my services for FREE!

  6. drew180sx says:

    Yea bro that could work too..the only reason i suggested that other site is because we would be able to receive designs from tons of other graphic designers who can all put thier own spin on the logo you know…i just felt that designing it internally within our group we would be limiting ourselves as far as creativity goes..but if your willing to design some for free i think that would be great…we havent finalized anything yet, and wont until the next meeting…so if you could come with some designs that would be cool. I was thinking that actual “face” on our logo could be modified as well..

    check these examples of logos i like:

    thats just a quick few i found by googling…but basically i was thinking a lil more just a lil more detail in the face/smile/eyes would make our logo look more professional, …currently i feel like i can recreate our logo in MSWord lol

    • Ghost says:

      Yea I fully understand what ur saying Drew. We want to have a proffesional, revamped version of the Irrational “Face” logo….see what you can do Mikel, like Andrew said by our next meeting on January 7th we will finalize our descision…

  7. drew180sx says:

    exactly, i mean…i dont even want to limit ourselves to just the face logo…maybe a new font or some new way to integrate the face within the word “IRRATIONAL” or the word “IRRATIONAL into the face may be neat too…what my goal would be first is to simply gather a significant amount of logo drafts/design ideas from which we can select one…but by all means if mikel comes up with something sick and fresh, that would be great too…point blank i just think we should look at what else is out there, whether its from mikel, some random graphic designer, or even from another member of the crew

  8. mikel58 says:

    Man I been wanting to do this for a while lol. I was looking at fonts too. Because the typography in our current logo is not the easiest thing to read. Especially if we are driving and some one takes a quick glance. They really wont know what the decal is saying. As for the face I did some sketches a couple months ago but cant find them. i will put some stuff together and you guys put in your input to make it something everyone can agree with.

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