What car would you get if you had this cash?

Posted: January 9, 2012 by kemist88 in Tech

This is as list of Fairly priced care not too expensive but not cheap. I’m curious to see what your taste are.There are 2 rules 1 vote per person, and the cars must stay stock. lol so pick wisely.

  1. drew180sx says:

    dang the TTRS jus missed the price cut off at 56k huh lol,…STI shouldve been in the line up no?

    in either case..FORD Shelby gt500 = pure sex

  2. kemist88 says:

    lol i was thinking the sti as well but idk y i aint add it . o yea its 38k lol

  3. kemist88 says:

    i wish the c class amg was 56k lol i wud b all ovr it

  4. kemist88 says:

    actualy the sti will get over 40k with sum options haha ima add it

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