Founded in 2010, IRRATIONAL is a crew of regular east coast guys that came together from various walks of life with the purpose of sharing their car enthusiasm with the World!!!!

1ir·ra·tio·nal:  adj \i-ˈra-sh(ə-)nəl, ˌi(r)-\: not endowed with reason or understanding!!!

>meaning we don’t follow the common trend–we start our own!!!


Irrational “Crazy Ghost” Logo


  1. i look forward to this movement ! And to see were this takes us as a crew and friends.

  2. Kadeem Brown says:

    Can’t wait for the summer and this is a great start for a website b20 here we come lol

  3. hellboi88 says:

    damn now i really miss my car you would make this blog now nigga

  4. importkid says:

    2011 is gonna be sick………

  5. kemist88 says:

    who is importkid?

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