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GO Tuning logo progress

Posted: May 24, 2011 by mikel58 in Announcements, GOT(U)NING

Ok this is what i have come up with Geo what do you guys think.

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So by far its the biggest turbo Ive tuned and i wouldn’t recommend it for a street car with a 8k reline simply too big . But this is what my client has so we work with it. we only brought the car out to 8k rpm because i didn’t enable the ecu to log past 8k (stupid me) . But I’m hoping a 9k-9.5k reline will be more than enough for a 3k rpm power band . But a quick run down of the mods off my head isevo 8, kelford 272, buschur 4inch fmic, speed density, 3inch turbo back, cf hood, 1200 pte injectors, 2 wally 255lph pumps, umm and some more stuff.

Were not done! i still want to stabilize the boost more and lean that bitch out! but because of random shyt we had to call it a night! still trying to figure out that dip at the end im assuming its a fluke or because of rich ass conditions.

K pro Tutorial

Posted: May 8, 2011 by deemy009 in GOT(U)NING
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What up irrational even though non of us have a K-series yet Thought this and a kool tutorial on a little how K-pro works and what you and do with it.

Okay i tell a lot of people my numbers and they dont be leave me or what ever now this guy brad from evom put in a lot of work to make this program possible its very popular among the evo and subi community and the platforms of ems that it supports is growing! now im sending him infor on honda cars specifically for Ghost and shawn so that the b16 and the gsr are standard in the softwares definition. Now how do we know its accurate ? that’s a protuner that specializes in evos 1-10 thats his personal car on a dynojet vs the virtual dyno. Also i hate the misconception of what a dyno is really used for n dyno bench races! different makes of dynos read differently! mustang, dyno pack, dynojet, none read the same! A dyno is used simply for comparing a before and after in tq and hp. A 5hp gain is a 5hp whether you made 505 after making 500 hp on a mustang dyno or or making 600 to making 605 on the same car and same chages on a dynojet real tuners care about gains. how you car does on the 1320′ with a consistent driver then tells the truth!
the current ems and logging software supported by the program are
Evoscan, Cobb AccessPort, AEM, RomRaider, HP Tuners,
Autronic, Hand Held Halo, Crome, Greddy Emanage, Hydra,
ECU Explorer, Tactrix, and Neptune.

I will make nice donation to this guy once the money comes in and it would be nice if all irrational cars tune on this throw in what you think its worth!

Honda support availible!

Posted: April 30, 2011 by kemist88 in GOT(U)NING

This is the main reason I don’t charge for tunes! Yet. Lol well a friend of mines offered to let me use his honda tuning kit for free as a return of a favor! We on!

Ok soooo the quest for the 400 mark has been long over due on my car…. so you can check my bio (1050cc, hks 272, speed density, fp 4inch intake, ets race fmic with s.s piping. blah blah blah read the bio)for info on the car. The turbo im running is a 6165S pte. Now to give you an idea think of a 6262sp. A 6165S has a bigger back wheel to compensate for the lack of ball bearing. I was shocked! at the the spool up 25psi by 51XXrpm! That’s ball bearing territory . It’s always good to know a few tricks and how a turbo works, it is essential plus the 3port boost controller solenoid (controlled by the ecu) helps alot! Seriously shout out all the people on who made the ecu able to do what is does.


the blue is the final tune for 25psi look at how much i smooth the power band out.
The car redlines at 8k so it may dam well be able to creep to 450 by redline. and it running rich hehe.

Any question email me evo1-X supported ,h8 dsm (black box), dsmlink, honda support on its way, Subaru support is here just need a car to tune.

Ok so fortunately for all my irrational(original) members they’re getting free tunes. I don’t claim to be a pro tuner. I currently tune the current platform evo7-10, dsmlink / ecmlink,¬† Subaru stock ecus. that’s all i have equipment for at the moment and i will b adding dyno sheets of car as i do them so you can see.

I how ever will be doing hondata, honda crome (i already have crome pro dealer version just lacking hardware), nistune, and aem in due time.¬† i would love to get a “nerd” on my side to help me understand¬† ecu disassembly and hexidecmals so i can start doing euro ecus.