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So Much for my 8k Budget

Posted: September 20, 2011 by kemist88 in Black hawk
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So i spent 2 days doing this list! it doesnt reflect the actual cost but i think a 5k+/- margin on what i will be spending.. to have a low 10sec 7xxhp mk3 supra *sigh*
2jz build

Got to pay to play.

*fixed the pdf.*


6765 pte turbo evo vs Burschur’s evo

Posted: May 23, 2011 by kemist88 in Videos
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All i can say is OMG i cant wait till summer!! *white girl voice!*

So by far its the biggest turbo Ive tuned and i wouldn’t recommend it for a street car with a 8k reline simply too big . But this is what my client has so we work with it. we only brought the car out to 8k rpm because i didn’t enable the ecu to log past 8k (stupid me) . But I’m hoping a 9k-9.5k reline will be more than enough for a 3k rpm power band . But a quick run down of the mods off my head isevo 8, kelford 272, buschur 4inch fmic, speed density, 3inch turbo back, cf hood, 1200 pte injectors, 2 wally 255lph pumps, umm and some more stuff.

Were not done! i still want to stabilize the boost more and lean that bitch out! but because of random shyt we had to call it a night! still trying to figure out that dip at the end im assuming its a fluke or because of rich ass conditions.