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This guy (Joshua Gray ) puts alot of us to shame!! Including me!. lol. i mean literaly its been no time since his fire with the last dsm to put ting shit in his new dsm . Im just going to post his mod list and a few pics and the link to his build thread so check it out!
“After the wreck, I got desperate. Found the car for a grand without a motor and fire damage under the hood. After a very stressful past couple weeks since I got the car, she’s almost complete.

Mods are the same as the Black GSX.

RRE2 2G Head
HKS 264/272 Cams
Stock 6Bolt Motor
G4CP Candy Blue Valve Cover
Candy Blue Tucked Engine Bay
Wet Black Coated Engine/Head/Transmission
Evo3 560cc Injectors
Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
SS Braided Fuel Line
SS Braided Clutch Line
Intrepid COP
SSAC Short Route FMIC
1g Crushed BOV
3″ Tubular V Band O2 Housing
Ancient Turbonetics 46mm BOV
Modified V Band APEX-i Downpipe
RRE 3″ Catback
H&R 2″ Drop Springs
Tokico Illumina 5 Way Adjustable Shocks
Power Slot F/R Big Brake Kit
Evo8 ECU Tuned by GOT(U)NING

And for the best part, MINT CONDITION VIRGIN INTERIOR! ”

So i tuned his ecu for FREE and the old car got messed up now he has this car so again will be tuned for free via email.

Ok soooo the quest for the 400 mark has been long over due on my car…. so you can check my bio (1050cc, hks 272, speed density, fp 4inch intake, ets race fmic with s.s piping. blah blah blah read the bio)for info on the car. The turbo im running is a 6165S pte. Now to give you an idea think of a 6262sp. A 6165S has a bigger back wheel to compensate for the lack of ball bearing. I was shocked! at the the spool up 25psi by 51XXrpm! That’s ball bearing territory . It’s always good to know a few tricks and how a turbo works, it is essential plus the 3port boost controller solenoid (controlled by the ecu) helps alot! Seriously shout out all the people on who made the ecu able to do what is does.


the blue is the final tune for 25psi look at how much i smooth the power band out.
The car redlines at 8k so it may dam well be able to creep to 450 by redline. and it running rich hehe.

Any question email me evo1-X supported ,h8 dsm (black box), dsmlink, honda support on its way, Subaru support is here just need a car to tune.