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So Much for my 8k Budget

Posted: September 20, 2011 by kemist88 in Black hawk
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So i spent 2 days doing this list! it doesnt reflect the actual cost but i think a 5k+/- margin on what i will be spending.. to have a low 10sec 7xxhp mk3 supra *sigh*
2jz build

Got to pay to play.

*fixed the pdf.*


6765 pte turbo evo vs Burschur’s evo

Posted: May 23, 2011 by kemist88 in Videos
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All i can say is OMG i cant wait till summer!! *white girl voice!*

So by far its the biggest turbo Ive tuned and i wouldn’t recommend it for a street car with a 8k reline simply too big . But this is what my client has so we work with it. we only brought the car out to 8k rpm because i didn’t enable the ecu to log past 8k (stupid me) . But I’m hoping a 9k-9.5k reline will be more than enough for a 3k rpm power band . But a quick run down of the mods off my head isevo 8, kelford 272, buschur 4inch fmic, speed density, 3inch turbo back, cf hood, 1200 pte injectors, 2 wally 255lph pumps, umm and some more stuff.

Were not done! i still want to stabilize the boost more and lean that bitch out! but because of random shyt we had to call it a night! still trying to figure out that dip at the end im assuming its a fluke or because of rich ass conditions.

Ok soooo the quest for the 400 mark has been long over due on my car…. so you can check my bio (1050cc, hks 272, speed density, fp 4inch intake, ets race fmic with s.s piping. blah blah blah read the bio)for info on the car. The turbo im running is a 6165S pte. Now to give you an idea think of a 6262sp. A 6165S has a bigger back wheel to compensate for the lack of ball bearing. I was shocked! at the the spool up 25psi by 51XXrpm! That’s ball bearing territory . It’s always good to know a few tricks and how a turbo works, it is essential plus the 3port boost controller solenoid (controlled by the ecu) helps alot! Seriously shout out all the people on who made the ecu able to do what is does.


the blue is the final tune for 25psi look at how much i smooth the power band out.
The car redlines at 8k so it may dam well be able to creep to 450 by redline. and it running rich hehe.

Any question email me evo1-X supported ,h8 dsm (black box), dsmlink, honda support on its way, Subaru support is here just need a car to tune.

Out With The Old And In With The BOOST

Posted: March 19, 2011 by kemist88 in Black hawk
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So I changed my turbo about a week ago. Not knowing much about the turbo i bought (the pte 6165s ) i just when off simple fact i could find on pte’s web site and simple knowledge of turbos. A .70 a/r compressor housing and  .82 t3 a/r turbine housing. 61mm compressor wheel as said by precision is rated for 680 hp or ~68lbs/min . It uses the same compressor map as the gt35r by garret so I could “guesstimate” were it would spool up. But back to the set up. A tial 38mm wg w/ ~20psi spring, cast iron t3 mini, .5inch spacer( so the turbo wouldnt hit the block on short runners), and  2 gaskets one of which is oem 4layer copper. I cant wait to see how much hp i can make off this turbo on pump gas then maybe e85. Its crazy how this turbo DWARFS the evo316g!

Tha kemist

Posted: March 16, 2011 by kemist88 in Black hawk, IRRATIONAL members
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the black hawk

Hey wassup. im semi new to this blog thing so im just going to intruduce my self and give a quick bio as ill be doing some posting on this blog.


sex: male

occupation: slave

car: 95 talon tsi awd

Im big on cars but low on cash as are most enthusiast. I do alot of work my self as long as it not fabrication I also tune my self. The tuning , I’m trying to turn into a business  and with the help of TEAM-IRRATIONAL it’ll become real. So stay tuned on that.

Well a basic run down on the mods on my car are:

3in, apexi n1 turbo back, pte 6165s turbo, 1050 fic, act 2900 6puck sprung, ets race i/c, stock rebuilt tranny, evo8 ecu (ems) which I tune myself, aem uego, auto-meter b.g, cast iron t3 with a .5inch spacer, 38mm tial wg,tail bov. and a few things I’m sure I missed. Stay tuned as the list will get longer, as soon as I get my tax return check! aiming for a 10.99 1/4 mile time so wish me luck!