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I’ve made a promise what ever car i get next that i will modify has to have a “legendary” engine in it. meaning im not with the overly modifying of motors. Fuck sleaving, dry-sumping, block gaurd, ect ect. Pistons, rods, cams, boost, boost and boost, haha and maybe some juice. But seriously nothing pains me more that trying to see some turn a frail engine into a mild performing vehicle. its a waste of especially if budgets tight.
Now the only rule is that all 4bangers must be able to handle 400hp reliably, 6 cylinders 550 reliably.
Now ill start with the 4-bangers
-4g63 mitsubishi
-sr20det nissan
-A853 dodge/crysler/mitsu
-3S-GTE toyota
-ej20- subaru
That was in no specific order other than yes mitsu is #1 …. not biased its the truth. Now some may be wondering were you D,B,K series are on the list. Honestly they dont cut it. IMHO from what i know they wont cranks out as much hp STOCK FOR STOCK as the engines I’ve listed and still RETAIN reliability. Honda gets its for design, “They produce a street driven pump gas N/A engine that produces over 120 Hp per litre. Who puts three lobes on a Cam shaft. Who Controls cam timing live. Honds is smart the others are just strong”

Now the 6 cylinders the to two contenders 1st
-APB ,AGB, AZB- b5 s4 engines
-s54 -E46 bmw
-s50 – E36 bmw
-vr6 2.8 r32 ???? – vw jetta/gti
now thats is allll i can think of right now. I hope i didnt offend any honda people but we envy your amazing mpgs lol. so u have that in your corner.
modifying any engine for more that 50% of the power it makes stock that cant handle it is a motor you should stay away from on budget builds or unopened engine builds.


Spirit Rei Edition Odyvia
1991 Nissan S13 Silvia

Honda Odyssey head lights???? :/ cool i guess?

L28?! that i like!!

skyline/s13 interior

Spirit Rei Edition Odyvia
1991 Nissan S13 Silvia
– Complete Spirit Rei Japan Widebody kit
– Spirit Rei Front Bumper
– Spirit Rei Side Skirts
– Spirit Rei Rear Bumper
– Spirit Rei Wide Front Fenders (55mm)
– Spirit Rei Wide Rear Quarter Panels (85mm)
– Spirit Rei Hood
– JDM RB1 Honda Odyssey Head Lights
– Air Brush on Hood
– Redtail LED Tail relay modified

– FRP ken and Marry Dashpanel
– Ken and Marry GT-R Aluminum meter panel
– Oomori oil temp
– Oomori water temp
– Oomori oil pressure
– Oomori fuel gauge
– Autometer tach
– Datsun type full bucket sheet
– Carrozzeria High end Audio and speaker
– Vertex Deep steering wheel
Engine & Drivetrain:
– CA18 to L28 big port export cam
– Kameari slide cam sprockets
– Nismo solex 44HH
– Stainless header
– S13 modified muffler
– Kameari distributor kit
– Kameari twin idler gear
– MSD blaster SS coil
– HPI all aluminum radiator
– Wako jet block
– KaaZ LSD
Brakes & Suspension:
– Front: S14 rotor and caliper
– Rear: R32 rotor and caliper
– Kei Office Fulltap coilover
Wheels & Tires:
– Kranze Cerberus II 18inch F10.5J -22 R12J -31Bridgestone Tires
– Muteki Black Lug Nuts